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Don't you think today would be a good day for Donald Trump to resign?


Here's a facebook post from Rich Ferguson

Here's a facebook post from Rich Ferguson (facebook) writer, performer, artist.  Follow him. On twitter - @Versiferguson

The way you hold this country hostage is like the wispy hair on your head. Every one of your blowhard gusts makes everything a shambles. Yeah, you’re a pig sty in the eye of civil liberties. A four-lane heart attack on the highway to the freedom of the press. You bring new N-words to life: Narcissist, Negativist, Nuclear-Nixon Nightmare. Even in death, McCain double-trumped the audience size and adulation of your doomsday inauguration. You can Twitter your days away insulting the FBI, DOJ, and Democrats. But here’s a fact: while you’re trying to convince us you’re the poor soul suffering the pains of political pillory, the one getting the last laugh is dear old Hillary.

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