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Psycho Clown Glenn Beck: ‘There’s a War on God’

by: Bob Cull

This Monday night, Glenn Beck once again made the outrageous claim that there is a “war on God” being waged by the Democrats and the left in this country.

Beck was commenting on the recent Supreme Court decision in a case brought by the Greece, New York town board seeking the right to open their meetings with a prayer.  The town, which is a suburb of Rochester, has been fighting for this right since 2007 when two women, Linda Stephens and Susan Galloway (one an atheist and the other Jewish), went to court claiming that while the town said that the prayers were non-sectarian, only Christian clergy had been invited to pray and only prayers referring to Jesus Christ and invoking the Holy Spirit had been offered for the previous 8 years.

“There’s a war on God,” Beck said as he looked solemnly into the camera’s lens.  “There’s a war on decency.  And we saw it, we saw it with — I mean I really think that if we are going to be writing the scriptures of the future, when people are starting to say ‘what happened to the United States of America’ they will remember this moment from the Democratic convention as being the turning point.”

The most galling part of this rabble rousing is that Beck isn’t doing this because of his personal idealism, he is doing it out of greed. He is only interested in the money that his brand of hatred and intolerance sells.