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McDonald’s Desperate Makeover Won’t Mask Wage Theft, Exploitation

 by: John Prager

McDonald’s has announced a makeover for its mascot, but putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change said pig’s nature. The clown may have a spiffy new blazer, but McDonald’s actual nature still has not changed.
The company still pays its top 7 executives $67.6 million per year in total. It still indulges in amenities like its spiffy new corporate jet, which cost $27 million. Over $980 million was spent on advertising in 2013. The company sponsored the World Cup and the Olympics, which carried a price tag of $128 million.
No matter what new blazer the company’s posterclown wears, U.S. taxpayers still footed the $1.2 billion bill for its employees’ government benefits because, while the company is more than willing to blow insane amounts of money on almost anything–the one place it “can’t afford” the extra expenditures is on employee salaries.
McDonald’s makes $5.5 billion in profit, yet pays its workers poverty wages. 84% of employees say they have experienced wage theft.
Somehow, with all of the money the company makes, the lavish wages paid to executives, and the money spent elsewhere–McDonald’s just can’t pay workers a $15 minimum wage. Makes perfect sense, right?