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using radio free exile and radio free exile televised, I bring you the perspective of a self-imposed exile, whatever that brings to the table, if you know what I mean. someone has to chronicle the goings on in penfield, new york, and I've appointed myself. 
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Cornholing Donald Trump - gifts from exile...

An excellent opportunity to throw bean bags at your favorite Right Wing Nutjob while at a picnic, at the beach, or in your very own backyard. These boards are American Cornhole Association compliant, for the rules of the game - http://www.cornholehowto.com/how-to-play/




Woody, Boarder: A bag that ends up on the board.
Cornhole, Holer, Corn in the Hole: A bag that ends up in the hole.
Dos Cornhole’ : Throwing two bags in the hole.
Holy Moly Triple Cornholy: Throwing 3 bags in the hole.
The Great Cornholio: A person that throws 4 bags in the hole. All present are required to bow down in reverence to this cornholer.
Get that corn outta my face!: A term used whenever you successfully counteract your opponent’s attempt to score. For example, when you put a bag in the hole immediately after your opponent does or when you successfully knock your opponent’s bag off the board.
Corn On The Cob: When a player puts every bag on the board.
Nothin’ But Corn: When a bag is tossed right through the hole without touching the board.

The Cornhole Song: Cornhole’s unofficial anthem – place your hand over your heart and watch the video below.