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You Lost, Get Over It

Conservative Racists Stage Confederate Flag Protest in Lexington

by: Josh Kilburn

Organizers for the Sons of Confederate Veterans held a rally to protest Washington and Lee University’s decision to remove the Confederate battle flag from Lee Chapel. The rally drew a crowd of about 250 Confederate sympathizers from Maryland and Georgia.

The purpose of the protest was as an attempt to convince the universities to change their minds on the flag removal; apologists were out in full-force, as well.

A supporter from Maryland, David Barber wants people to understand the confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride not discrimination.
“I don’t feel the flags were racist by no means it’s its [sic] a christian flag an American flag,” Barber said.

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans held the rally because Washington and Lee University decided to remove the battle flags from Lee Chapel.

They say the purpose of the event is give people a chance to express their feelings.
“There was no public dialogue about this we tried to get the university to get public forum on the matter prior to making any decision and we didn’t anticipate a decision before September,” Brandon Dorsey, Command of Stonewall Brigade Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans said.

Historian David Chaltas spoke about Lee’s Christian background, adding that he also wanted to clarify any misconception about Lee, and the Lee taught African Americans to read the Bible. “At the very end he felt his mission was to make as much contribution to Christian education,”  Chaltas said.

Chaltas is trying too hard. The only thing you really need to know about Lee is that he committed treason; anything else is relevant only to people who specialize in the field of Civil War studies.

I wonder how many of these people ate Bergdahl alive for the allegations of desertion and joining the Taliban. With Lee, these weren’t allegations. Lee deserted his post in the United States, and it’s objective history that he did so.