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One Year After Acquittal, George Zimmerman Broke And Homeless

by: Cass Steele

One year after his acquittal for the murder of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman might be wishing that he had the predictability of a bed and three squares in prison. According to divorce documents, Zimmerman is deeply in debt.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Zimmerman spends $3,304 every month, though he claims to have no income. No job, no house, no assets except his $14,000 truck… where could that money be coming from? His legal defense fund, once the cause du jour of the right, is down to its last $300 from a high of $400,000. And what about the painting he supposedly sold on eBay last December? No mention of it in the divorce affidavit. Really? The winning bid was $100,000 and it doesn’t even get a mention? I guess that cease-and-desist order really made an impression.

According to Zimmerman’s brother, George moves from place to place among his supporters. So, couch-hopping, basically. With a debt of over $2.5 million, you’d think that Zimmerman would be busy trying to raise funds or get a job. The Root notes that his activities over the past year, including photo-ops at a gun manufacturer and an Orlando gun show, haven’t been big pluses for George. I wonder where all his right-wing pals are? Surely one of them could help him find a job? Ah well, maybe not. They are a fickle lot: they use their “heroes” and then toss them aside like used tissues.

Maybe he was counting on that big libel suit against NBC to set him up for the rest of his days. Uh-oh. Well, this is embarrassing – a Florida judge threw it out on June 30. Guess it’s impossible to prove that NBC acted out of malice, especially when Zimmerman became a media whore.