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Nevada Terrorist’s Facebook Page Offers Chilling View into Right-Wing Tea Party Extremism

 by: John Prager

The Bundy acolytes who murdered two Las Vegas police officers in a Cici’s Pizza restaurant, draped Gadsden flags over them, stripped them of their weapons and ammunition, then moved across the street to Walmart, where they killed one more person before taking their own lives, have quite an interesting  array of “likes” on their Facebook page.
Jerad and Amanda Miller were strong supporters of Cliven Bundy (Jerad had even spoken at Bundy Ranch) and firmly believed that the Battle of Bunkerville really was the beginning of a revolution, rather than a horribly executed colonial LARP event. The couple truly felt that Cliven Bundy was somehow being bullied by the federal government, to whom Bundy owes more than $1 million.
The couple left behind a mixture of Bundy Ranch interviews they conducted, paranoid rants, and cat videos on YouTube, frightening Facebook diatribes, and a list of “likes” that many may find disconcerting when considered alongside their strong belief in welfare cattle.
In fact, Newscorpse has composed a graphic showing you everything you need to know about their motivations and interests:

jerad-miller-facebook (1)

The folks at Newscorpse posed a very good question: Why doesn’t the media call it terrorism? Anything remotely similar with groups that have slightly darker skin tones would have been called terrorism.  We have two people who were a part of a group that made demands of the federal government at gunpoint, called bomb threats in to a local hotel that was housing BLM agents, and has been accused of setting up armed checkpoints along roads. Both of them are strong supporters of the Three Percenter militia — you know, the one whose leader threatened to castrate Harry Reid and promised a civil war?
At what point do we say “enough is enough?” When will the United States step in and deal with these people the same way we deal with terrorists elsewhere? When will actions be taken to prevent the loss of more innocent lives to a f**ked up ideology and unstable people?