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Ammosexuals Can’t Get Enough of Target

by: Josh Kilburn

Target appears to have a bit of a history with ammosexuals; while gun fetishists are running out of places to carry when hungry, (the aptly named) Target seems to have no problem supplying them with a place to shop. It’s become so common that a hashtag has appeared on the retailer’s Facebook page — #OnTarget — to illustration exactly why shopping at Target has become hazardous for your health.
This week, more individuals posed beside the chain’s signature red-and-white shopping carts, with Target receipts in hand, and holstered handguns at their side. These photos were uploaded to Target’s Facebook page. One particularly idiotic comment, uploaded by a woman on June 21st who had visited a store in Oklahoma:

“#OnTarget will continue to shop Target while they support the Second Amendment. #OffTarget is for idiots who think the government can protect them.”

#OffTarget is the hashtag used by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which has been attempting to put pressure on Target to change their minds. There is a long-standing and hostile feud between Moms Demand Action and the gun fetishists, such as the Oklahoma woman who apparently doesn’t understand why she pays taxes and that she’s about 150 years too late for the Wild West.
Another activist who displayed his gun at the Target in Chesterfield, Virginia, commented that it was “awful” that Moms Demand Action was trying to pressure Target into sensible behavior and ban “law-abiding citizens who carry for self-defense.” The man added that “to show my support for target, I visited my local store and spent some money.”


It’s legal, with a state-issued permit, to carry handguns openly in Oklahoma. It’s also legal in Virginia; what’s more, permits aren’t required to carry openly.
Not all is good for the retailer, however; their Facebook comment threads prove that this nation isn’t utterly devoid of sanity after all. As Mother Jones reports:
Target’s Facebook page was also riddled with harsh comments from customers opposed to the open-carry activism. In response to a Target post on Wednesday advertising Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, one person reposted the photo of the armed Virginia man, commenting: “Love me some Annie’s snacks, but I won’t be buying them at Target as long as they allow trigger happy nut jobs like this to wander their aisles armed with deadly weapons.”
“Who needs an AR-15 to buy legos or baby toys?” asked another customer, alongside an image of heavily armed men taken in a Dallas-Fort Worth store in March, which included at least one member of a gun-activist group involved in disturbing intimidation tactics against women. “I do not want to have my children near AR-15s where we shop for toys. I will shop elsewhere.”
In several communications with Mother Jones since June 16, Target, which does not sell guns or ammunition, has said that it complies with all applicable laws. But the company has declined to say whether it has an official policy on guns, or even whether it might be considering one in light of the rising open-carry issue. However, an official with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission told me last week that Target has since instructed its personnel in Texas to forbid firearms in stores there, as guns on the premises where the company sells alcohol would put it in violation of state regulations. And the CEO of The Honest Company, which recently launched a strategic partnership with Target to sell its eco-friendly family products, told me that his business is “working directly with Target on a daily basis” to find a solution, further acknowledging that “it’s a very important issue for the entire country, and for parents and moms.”
Nobody needs an AR-15 to buy Legos. But they want it, you see, so we should all just bow down to what they want, because the world revolves around them and their unnatural relationship with their guns.