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Violent Bundy Ranch Terrorists File Criminal Charges Against BLM!

 by: John Prager

At this point, we can safely assume that Cliven Bundy’s supporters are driven solely by stupidity. Friends and family of the racist welfare cowboy gathered at the Metro police station to file criminal complaints following urgings from the Bundy family in a May 1 Facebook post.
The Bundys urged supporters to report a list of suggested “crimes” committed by the BLM, including:
  •  Men blocking access to public land
  •  Men blocking public roads
  •  Men harassing people for taking photos
  •  Men impersonating Police officers
  •  Men claiming to be a police officer and refusing to show valid identification
  •  Men threatening to use Tasers
  •  Men threatening to fire upon unarmed civilians
  •  Men using attack dogs
  •  Men pointing weapons
  •  Assault
Militias and others who support Bundy’s right to ignore Nevada’s state Constitution and multiple court orders, as well as to bilk taxpayers out of money dutifully responded to the call to action on Friday. Criminal complaints included all of the above–and kidnapping.

Bundy has been claiming–no matter what evidence exists otherwise–that he has a right to the federally controlled property (fee-free, of course) because his family allegedly has been working the land there since the late 1800′s. Property records show that his parents actually purchased what is now the Bundy Ranch after World War II. However, even if Bundy’s claim is true, the Nevada state Constitution notes that when the state came into being in 1864, all unallocated public land would be controlled by the government.

But let’s not let the facts stop us, right?

The BLM issued a one-sentence response to Bundy’s latest efforts: “We welcome Mr. Bundy’s new interest in the American legal system.” 

This is undoubtedly an attempt to distract from the laundry list of crimes the domestic terrorists supporting Bundy have been accused of, including bomb threats, threats of violence against Harry Reid, pointing weapons at and making menacing statements to police, and an apparent attempt to torch a news van.