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Tea Party Leader Wants Executions by Firing Squad, Heroin and Hanging

 by: Marie Maginity

In the wake of the horrific botched execution Tuesday, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips vocalized his opinion on the subject and offered helpful suggestions.

“Does anyone really care if the execution was not perfect? Who cares if he suffered a little?” Phillips remarked in reference to Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett, who died of a heart attack  after 43 minutes of agony when the lethal injection was administered incorrectly and his vein exploded.

“If the left insists that we use drugs to execute people, why not just a massive overdose of opiates?” he continued. “According to some press reports, when actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman overdosed, death was so fast, the needle was still in his arm. Why don’t we simply use very pure heroin to execute inmates?”

“If the left doesn’t like lethal injection, there are lots of other ways to kill condemned inmates. Hanging works pretty well. So do the firing squad, the gas chamber and the electric chair,” he suggested, scoffing at liberals’ claims that methods other than lethal injection are barbaric and executions should be done humanely.  “Outside groups insisted that states use a three drug cocktail, which is unnecessarily complex, and now critics claim that it doesn’t work. It does work. Every condemned convict it has been used on has died.”

There are a few other effective methods of execution Phillips forgot to mention, such as beheading, being stoned, boiled in oil or burnt at the stake. Or watching Fox News.