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‘Koch Brothers Exposed:’ Damning Indictment of the Diabolically Evil Koch Brothers

 by: Rika Christensen

'Koch Brothers Exposed' is a remake of a documentary from two years ago that already has major updates with their evil plans.

A new documentary featuring the Koch Brothers’ real agenda is set to debut in Washington, D.C., tonight. The Huffington Post discusses that “Koch Brothers Exposed” is a remake of a documentary made just two years ago, with updates on their ongoing plans for America. The one-hour film focuses hard on how the Koch Brothers advance their agenda under the guise of libertarianism, while hurting real people.
It’s long been known that the only agenda the Koch Brothers really care about is their own. They’re billionaires; owners of the mighty fossil fuel empire Koch Industries. So of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that they don’t care about the people they affect, so long as they keep getting richer.
The Huffington Post article discusses how people in places like the small Arkansas town of Crossett die of cancer due to pollution from plants owned by Koch Industries. The Koch Brothers also successfully ended desegregation policies in a North Carolina school district, which sent children to schools where they knew nobody.
The Koch Brothers ideals of “freedom” mean freedom for themselves and their fellow rich people, and a severe lack of freedom for anybody who’s dumb enough to not also be billionaires. If they truly valued freedom, they’d voluntarily work towards keeping their plants clean, and helping residents of towns affected by spills and pollution. They’d work towards real equality for men, women, black people, Latinos, everybody. They wouldn’t fight minimum wage hikes; or maybe they would, but in doing so, they’d come up with real and better ways for more Americans to realize the American dream than a minimum wage law. Instead, all they do is work towards policies that continue to elevate a few, while pushing everyone else further down. Some people matter, and most people don’t, is the motto they seem to live by. Freedom is so much more than rich people being able to do whatever they want, at the expense of some ethereal group of “other people.”
What’s even sadder is that, with the Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings, we will feel their influence even more in elections because they can now spend ever more money on getting politicians elected who will step all over the little people, the true backbone of America, in the name of their almighty dollars. Citizens United and McCutcheon took the voice of the majority of America away once and for all, and gave it to people like the Koch Brothers.
Thankfully, outrage on the part of everyday Americans has led to some small victories, according to The Huffington Post. The North Carolina school district that the Koch Brothers so successfully re-segregated voted out the entire board after just one term. While we’re a long, long way away from having companies like Koch Industries actually clean up the messes their making of people’s towns and pay not just fines, but also significant damage and healthcare costs, people credit public outrage over the Koch Brothers’ machinations as a major reason that Keystone XL hasn’t been approved.
No, the Koch Brothers and their Republican and Tea Party mouthpieces and disciples don’t care about real people, and that’s what “Koch Brothers Exposed” aims to demonstrate. The Koch Brothers have blinded a lot of these people into believing that furthering their profit-driven agenda means freedom, even though it means anything but.

Here’s the video.