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Delusional Limbaugh: ‘We Can’t Criticize Boko Haram’ Kidnappers ‘Because They’re Black’

 by: Josh Kilburn

Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to racist and bigoted remarks, but during his show today, he took his attempted “satire” up a notch by implying that there’s been limited outrage against the kidnappings orchestrated by Boko Haram because the group is “African” and “Black.”

“Are you kidding? Are you serious? Snerdley is telling me, in my IFB, that we can’t criticism Boko Haram because they’re black?” Limbaugh said incredulously. “They’re African and they’re Black, and so we can’t criticize them for that? You know, that’s real slave blood we’re talking about here . . . I’m gonna tell you something: if that’s the case, then the next thing you’re gonna tell me is that we can’t criticize the leader because he looks like someone who lives in Chicago. Looks like one of the gang leaders in Chicago. You really think that’s true, that you can’t criticize people because they’re black? They’re black Islamists, and so black Islamists have a special place reserved where they get no outrage and no criticism.”
Prior to this, Limbaugh was discussing the attempts of the White House and the others in the media to raise awareness about the situation, and mocking President Obama’s perceived “inaction” by saying, “Are they supposed to be so frightened, or are they going to hear the President say, ‘guys, should I wake up every morning; I just wish there was something I could do’?”
He asked where the outrage was, missing the widespread coverage and President Obama’s promise to send in a team to help the Nigerian Government find the girls.
 But then, what’s to be expected from a man whose ratings are in a death spiral without expectation of recovery?