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You First, Sarah! Palin Defends Waterboarding Statements...

 by: Bob Cull

Once again Sarah Palin has shown that not only is she prepared to make inappropriate and stupid statements, she is willing to go to the mat defending the indefensible afterward.
Last weekend she told those gathered for an NRA meeting in Indianapolis that if it were up to her “waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists.

After finding herself on the receiving end of much deserved criticism for endorsing torture she took to Facebook to defend her remarks, as always displaying her “classy” side.
“If some overly sensitive wusses took offense,” she said, “remember the First Amendment doesn’t give you a right not to be offended.”

She is absolutely right, the first amendment does not guarantee the right to never be offended but most people have enough decency of character to avoid going out of their way to create an offense to others; and this is not a case of offending others, it is a case of claiming the moral high ground and then endorsing the immoral tactic of torture.  A tactic which has been repeatedly proven to be ineffective, after enduring as much as possible the person being tortured will tell you exactly what you want to hear, true or not.

Of course she found a connection to the ever popular non-scandal of Benghazi, it would not be a true Palin babble without connecting to that subject no matter how unrelated it may be.
She wrote that there are, “those who think it makes no difference how our military heroes died in Benghazi,” completely ignoring the fact that no military personnel were killed in the attack in Benghazi.

While the rambling blather was purportedly posted in defense of her torture remarks it was really just another attack on the President including accusations that he has cut benefits for the military and placed veterans on long waiting lists to get the services they are entitled to and claiming that his actions are more harmful than her advocacy of torture.

Here is Palin’s post.

Actions to stop terrorists who’d utterly annihilate America and delight in massacring our innocent children? Darn right I’d do whatever it takes to foil their murderous jihadist plots – including waterboarding. Whatever one thinks of my one-liner at the NRA rally about treating evil terrorists the way they deserve to be treated to prevent the death of innocent people, it’s utterly absurd for MSNBC to suggest that I could put our beloved troops in harm’s way, but we’ve come to... expect the absurd from that failing network. If you want to talk about what really harms our troops, let’s talk about politicians who gut our military’s budgets, or a president whose skewed budgetary priorities slash military benefits, or an administration that puts our vets on endless waiting lists for care that comes too late to help those who’ve paid the price for our freedom, or those who break bread with those who think it makes no difference how our military heroes died in Benghazi or anywhere else trying to protect America. Those actions are a heck of a lot more harmful than declaring an appropriate message our enemies should receive. If some overly sensitive wusses took offense, remember the First Amendment doesn’t give you a right not to be offended. Perhaps hypocritical folks who only want Freedom of Speech to apply to those who agree with their liberal agenda might want to consider that the evil terrorists who were the brunt of my one-liner would be the first to strip away ALL our rights if given the chance. That’s why we do whatever we can to prevent them from killing innocent people. And for that, we should NEVER apologize. Good Lord, critics... buck up or stay in the truck. And if you love freedom, thank our troops! Thank our vets! And thank those who have the brains to support them and the guts to defend what they have earned!
- Sarah Palin