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Tea Partier Calls Undocumented Immigrants ‘Rapists’ And ‘Child Molesters’

by: Erica King

It would make perfect sense to boot out California Governor Jerry Brown for an immigrant-hating racist conservative, right? Wrong. Beware of GOP bigot Tim Donnelly, who is using an extremely conservative website to advertise his platform, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Donnelly’s column on this website criticized education policies created by the Democratic Party, which includes the recent legislature that would restore affirmative action in California Universities. He also spoke recently at a rally at the state Capitol about his bill AB-26 that pushes to end illegal immigration.

A descendant of Jim Bowie who died at the Alamo, Donnelly compared illegal immigration to fighting a war that would threaten our country’s future. On March 25, 2006, he gave a speech pushing for US citizens to fight this war with him on the same day that 500,000 people rallied for immigration rights in LA. Only 200 people were present for Donnelly’s speech.

“It is rumored that he [Jim Bowie] took a dozen Mexican soldiers to their deaths before they finally killed him,” said Donnelly. “How many of you will rise up and take his place on that wall?”

This Minuteman leader has referred to immigrants as “illegal aliens,” ignoring entirely that these are people and nothing about being a person is illegal. They may be crossing the border illegally or partaking in other actions that are illegal, but their mere existence is not what’s illegal.

According to Donnelly, immigrants “have caused the destruction of schools, the bankruptcy of hospitals forced to provide them free medical care and led the government to abandon its citizens, he said, asserting that the country was on the brink of a battle similar to the Civil War.” He continued on to say that immigrants are not coming to this country for a better life, but rather “20% are coming to commit the crimes that American criminals will no longer commit. Of that 20%, how many are rapists? How many are murderers? How many are child molesters? And how many are terrorists? We don’t know.”

His statement is entirely racist because it claims that white American citizens do not commit crimes such as rape, murder and child molestation, and that a percentage of immigrants are terrorists – as if no American citizen could ever actually be a terrorist.

Donnelly now denies ever stating that we should use violence against the immigrants, but he also said our country needs to weed out the “insurgency” like we’re doing in third-world countries:

“There is a growing insurgency, right here in Los Angeles,” he said. “We need to begin to root out the insurgency in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, just as we are doing in Baghdad, Samarra and Tikrit, 9,000 miles away.”