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John Birch Society Promises More Violent Anti-Government Standoffs

The ‘Bundy situation‘ in Nevada has raised the possibility of a chilling new chapter in America. No longer are the domestic terrorists masquerading as militias willing to just talk about revolution–they’re ready to start shooting! The recent events at the Bundy Ranch, in which many of the nation’s violent extremists congregated–ready to use women as human shields in a firefight–to defend their freeloading criminal pal Cliven Bundy against the tyranny of the government expecting him to pay his debts is not just an isolated incident.

Nevada Rancher And Federal Gov't Face Off Over Land Use Battle

William Jasper at the New American, a John Birch Society publication, says that the extremism demonstrated in Nevada is just a harbinger of what’s to come. While Bundy violated multiple court orders that he remove his cattle from the land after refusing to pay his debts and even refusing an offer that would allow him to pay far less than other ranchers pay per head of cattle–less than $2 per month for grazing–right-wingers are crying “TYRANNY” over the BLM’s attempt to collect its debt.

Being too insane for even Glenn Beck is bad, but these Koch-backed crazies have taken up the revolutionary banner, even if they have no actual cause, relying largely on ridiculous conspiracy theories to fuel the fire.

Jasper claims that the amount of Federally-owned land in the West will cause even more violent standoffs–because we all know that a centralized government is bad, right? He presents the following map as evidence of tyranny–though one must question why this has never been an issue in the past:


He discusses his issues with “President Obama is following the example of his predecessors and unconstitutionally taking millions more acres in the Western states, under the pretext of protecting ‘endangered species,’” citing this as yet another example of tyranny.

According to our ‘Bircher’ friend, Bundy is not the only ‘victim’ in all of this–and they will continue, galvanized by the “victory” they saw when the federal government gave in to their terrorist actions in order to protect the lives of those who were simply attempting to enforce a court order, to take up arms in “defense” of these freedumb-loving “patriots” and their right to eschew any and all financial responsibility while still reaping the benefits of the use of federal land for personal reward.

Protesters cheer on horseback riders as they herd cattle that belongs to rancher Cliven Bundy after they were released near Bunkerville

According to Jasper,
“…it is almost a certainty that the recently defused Bundy Ranch standoff will be replayed again — and in the not-too-distant future. And the outcome could be much less amicable for all concerned…
And this is but one of many incidents that can be expected, because the Bundy family are not the only victims in the federal crosshairs. The BLM, U.S. Forest Service (USFS), National Park Service (NPS), U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and other federal agencies own and/or control hundreds of millions of acres of the 12 western states…

And as those politicians and bureaucrats continue to tighten their chokehold on the people who own and work the land, there will inevitably be conflict. Even peaceful, law-abiding people will not stand idly by while their own life’s work and that of their forebears is being taken by lawless officials. The solution is for the American public to put pressure on all their elected officials — state, local, and federal — to stop strangling our fellow citizens. Ultimately, that means decentralizing, and dramatically downsizing (and then abolishing) many of these agencies and returning the land to the states and the people. The people of the Western states must be allowed to determine their own futures, to enjoy the blessings of liberty, just as Americans in all the other states have experienced.”

Unfortunately, he may be right. The crazies have been whipped into a frenzy that transcends even the most unreasonable and paranoid of right-wing punditry. Only time will tell how this will play out, but if they continue on their path those responsible for spurring on this sort of violent response to what amounts to a simple legal matter will be responsible for a bloodbath that we fear none of us will be able to live with.

In the end, we will not have winners and losers. There will be only victims of a delusional and paranoid mindset–and no reasonable person will be able to bear the weight of the inevitable outcome on their conscience. Unfortunately, these people are not reasonable–so those who try to deal with it peacefully, those who try to prevent it, will be forced to bear the burden.

We live in a time where the real American rancher is a dying breed, and we are left simply with freeloading pretenders and their violent, irrational supporters.