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Homegrown Terrorist Rancher Cliven Bundy Calling On Sheriffs To ‘Disarm’ Feds

Cliven Bundy has been making the rounds of right wing talk shows since declaring “victory” over the BLM on Saturday when the agency decided to pull out of the area and defuse an increasingly volatile situation before someone was killed.  With the number of armed Bundy supporters who had invaded Clark county it was obvious that to continue to enforce the legal removal of Bundy’s cattle at this time virtually assured violence at some point.

Ever-defiant Bundy told Glenn Beck in a telephone interview on his radio show Monday that he has no problem paying grazing fees to the “proper authority” but that he does not recognize the federal government as the legal administrator of the federal lands he has been grazing his cattle on.

His explanation is rambling, convoluted and difficult to understand but it has something to do with his belief that the land was improperly ceded to the federal government by the territory of Nevada before it became a state and therefore the land now belongs to the state and not the federal government.

He says that he is willing to pay Clark county for grazing rights but not the federal government.

Of course he doesn’t want to recognize the federal authority–mainly because of the rules that he does not feel obliged to follow. Bundy has been grazing 500 head of cattle where he was legally allowed to graze 150 head and it was his insistence on running that many cattle on the land that resulted in his permit to use those lands being revoked.  He has been defying that revocation for 20 years.

He told Beck as he did Sean Hannity when he appeared on his show, “I only want to talk to one person in each county across the United States, and here’s what I want to say: County Sheriffs, disarm U.S. bureaucracy. County Sheriffs, disarm U.S. bureaucrats.”

“My Clark County sheriff, Doug Gillespie, didn’t finish his job,” he continued.  “What the mandate from we the people was, Saturday was to disarm the park service and BLM. And when he didn’t do that, and his time was up, then we the people took it into our hands and had to do the Sheriff’s job and the Governor of Nevada’s job.”

It is hard to imagine someone so far out of touch with reality that he can make Glenn Beck seem rational but Bundy has done just that.  Over the weekend Beck wrote an open letter explaining to Bundy and his supporters why he does not stand with them, reinforcing that with a statement on his show.