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Hannity Loses His Mind Over Jon Stewart Accurately Calling Him a Hypocrite!

by: Bob Cull

This Tuesday night, Sean Hannity raged at Jon Stewart for calling him on his hypocrisy in defending outlaw welfare rancher Cliven Bundy. Hannity went on the attack, calling Stewart a “comedic hack.”

“On his show yesterday, the Comedy Central host tried to take me to task over this show’s coverage of the Bundy family stand-off with the feds,” Hannity said before showing the opening of the previous night’s Daily Show.

“Unfortunately, I know things are tough for Stewart,” he continued, “His army of fifty writers that he has, they just can’t give their viewers the facts.  They have to spin the story, they want a joke, they want a laugh any way they can.  Stewart and his friends at Comedy Central, they kinda are the chief apologists for the Obama administration — he does suck up a lot, which is why they go on his show.”

He then goes on to try to make a case for what he calls a lack of proportionality on the part of the government, saying that is what he has objected to.

No, Mr. Hannity, it is not Jon Stewart and the Daily Show making us dizzy with the spin they put on the story, it is you who is doing the spinning.