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GOP-er to 6th Grader: Gay Marriage Is Like A ‘Man Marrying A Dog’

During a forum at North Carolina middle school, Rockingham County’s GOP district attorney compared gay marriage to a man marrying a dog.

The event was held for candidates hoping to to fill replace U.S. Rep. Howard Coble (R). They were quizzed by students at Greensboro Montessori School on topics from immigration to gun rights.

At one point, sixth-grade student Lana Torres addressed District Attorney Phil Berger Jr., asking him what he would do to make sure that the LGBT community is ensured equal rights.

“Two years ago, the voters of North Carolina overwhelming approved Amendment One, which only recognized traditional marriage, and I was a leader in that effort,” Berger replied. “I was the spokesperson for traditional marriage in North Carolina, and I am very much in favor of traditional marriage.”

According to the Greensboro News and Record, Torres said she followed up with Berger when the event was over.

“He talked about a man marrying a dog,” she said. “I found that really offensive, that he would compare gay marriage to something so offensive and outrageous.”
Along with the apparent homophobia, there was also a healthy dose of climate change denial present at the forum.

“We’re headed into another Ice Age – not getting warmer,” retired business owner Charles Sutherland reportedly said. “We need to prepare for that.”

Watch local news coverage of the event in the video below, via The Raw Story: