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Bill Maher: Perhaps Right-Wingers Should Just Stop Courting Racists Like Cliven Bundy

 by: John Prager

Admit it: the moment that conservative poster-geezer, domestic terrorist, and all-around terrible bigot Cliven Bundy said that all ‘negroes’  are lazy wastrels who would likely be better off as cotton-picking slaves because of the superior family structure and the “something to do” factor, at least part of you wondered what Bill Maher would have to say about it.

Bundy’s black friend may think he’s not a racist, and Bundy certainly agrees, but Welfare Cowboy has been losing support among even the most bigoted of conservatives because he’s just a little bit over-the-top. After all, what do you expect from a man who blames the public reaction to his comments on Dr. King not doing his job well enough?

Bill Maher expressed very little sympathy for the man who thinks “ancestral rights” to federal land date back to just after World War II. In fact, Maher wasn’t the least bit surprised. “Was it that hard to predict for the last two or three weeks when the right-wing was lionizing this guy that he was going to be a huge racist?” Maher asked.

He added that “It’s a huge issue with Republicans. They absolutely hate to be called racists, and like I said, whenever a guy says something super-racist either right before or right after he’d always say ‘I’m not a racist.’ And he says the most racist–’All I’m saying is that we should kill all the n***ers and you want to go there. You liberals can find racism anywhere!’”

Maher guest John Avlon added that this sort of thing is predictable because a similar pattern among conservatives has been established throughout recent American history–especially under a time when a black person is the face of America (like you-know-who in the White House). At some point, Avlon said, Republicans need to ask, “How come we keep finding common cause with racists?”

Maher recalled when FOX News went ballistic because two members of the “New Black Panthers” stood outside a polling location. Somehow this was scary:

4-26-2014 6-57-27 AM

And this Bundy supporter ready to rain down “freedom” on a crowd of people isn’t the least bit frightening in the eyes of white-wing media:

4-26-2014 6-58-31 AM

“No one is saying that all Republicans are racist,” said Maher. He added that he hears conservatives say on a regular basis, “Well, what am I supposed to do–tell racists not to vote for me?”

Well, the answer is pretty simple, as Maher pointed out. Hint: It’s “Yes.” Maher said, “But I’ve never heard one of them do that.”

Watch the segment below: