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Ann Coulter of All People Slams Conservatives Supporting Racist Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy

 by: Bob Cull

On Friday, Ann Coulter appeared with Bill Weir on CNN to discuss the Cliven Bundy situation and the blind support given to him from the right simply because he was defying the federal government.

In a surprising twist of events the woman who always gets it wrong was absolutely right on the subject of Cliven Bundy, she admitted, unlike her colleagues at Fox News, that Bundy has been trespassing his cattle on land that he does not own and owes the government the money that they say he does.  She also admits that it was a mistake to jump on the bandwagon of the radicals who rallied behind him in his unlawful defiance of that government.

“I never thought this was a great cause,” she told Weir, “it’s federal property, he needed to pay his grazing fees, there was a court hearing, I wrote a whole book against mobs, I don’t see much difference, some difference, between what’s going on at that ranch and Occupy Wall Street.”
In true Coulter fashion, she was unwilling to go all the way and admit that the government had done nothing wrong.

 “There’s a lot to be angry about,” she continued, “and people want to punch back, I mean they see for one thing on a pure party line vote, having health insurance taken away.  thirty-three states vote against gay marriage, the courts say, ‘we’re forcing gay marriage on you.’  You have pot legalization all over, people are angry.”

 She went on to tell Weir that the people who are “supposed to direct the mob” are now following the mob, that’s right, she approves of some mobs others she doesn’t.  It really isn’t so much that she disapproves of this particular mob, she just doesn’t think that the propagandists of right-wing media should be openly supporting them.