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How to Make Marijuana Infused Cooking Oil

Marijuana infused cooking oil is a great ingredient for turning your favorite meals or treats into potent marijuana medicine. Marijuana oil infusions are easy to make and, for the health conscious, lower in saturated fat than marijuana infused butter. The taste is definitely different; but some recipes do call for oil. So hear you go.

Kitchen Tools

You will need basic kitchen tools to make marijuana oil. So hopefully you are not living in a bachelor pad. If you are, this might be a good time to shop for housewares. Cooking with cannabis can get pretty messy, and the aftermath is a chore to clean up.  So you may not want to splurge on the most expensive designer kitchen accouterments available –unless, of course, you spot a truly fabulous cooking apron. Then go big.
  • Crock-Pot
  • Blender, coffee grinder, or food processor
  • Large bowl
  • Large stirring spoon or spatula
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Scale for measuring marijuana
  • Measuring cups
  • Fabulous cooking apron

Estimating Dosage

Estimating dosage can be a bit tricky, and will depend largely on the cannabinoid content of the marijuana you are using. Marijuana infused oil can be made from leaf, trichome rich trim or manicure, small scrap buds, normal buds of any quality, as well as kief and hash. The best method is to make a batch and test a small amount. The effects of cannabis edibles take much longer to kick in, so make sure you wait about two hours before you increase a dose.
Use the following estimated amounts of marijuana for each six cups of oil
  • Leaf – six to eight ounces
  • Trim – four ounces
  • Buds, big or small – two to three ounces
  • Kief and Hash – This depends; but a dose is between 1/20th and 1/10th of a gram. So it may be best to decide what you are making with the oil first, how many servings, and then figure how much is required for a dose per serving.
I prefer to make my oils and butters a bit on the strong side. It is better to substitute some regular oil for part of the marijuana oil than to risk ruining a batch of goodies by using too much oil. Sometimes figuring out the correct dose comes down to trial and error. So be sure to experiment before sharing with medical patients who may not be used to hard hitting edibles.


Spread your marijuana out in a large bowl and sort out any stems or unwanted material. Anything small enough to fit through the stainer may end up in your finished product. So be sure to remove all non-marijuana debris.
Put the marijuana in the blender, coffee grinder or food processor, and chop it to a size of about a millimeter to three millimeters– the size of most crushed, dried oregano.

Oil It Up

Heat up six cups canola oil in your crock-pot on low and allow it to warm up. Once the sides of the crock-pot start getting too warm to touch, stir in the ground up cannabis. Let the crock-pot cook on low throughout the day, stirring every few hours. In the evening, turn the crock-pot off and let it cool down over night. In the morning turn it back on and stir again. Continue this cooking and cooling process for three days.
After the last day of cooking, carefully pour the contents through the strainer and into a large bowl. Press the leaf material in the strainer with a spoon or spatula to remove as much lingering oil as possible. Throw out or compost the remaining plant matter, and pour the warm oil into containers that can be tightly sealed. Once the oil has cooled, tightly seal the lids for storage. Marijuana infused oil in tightly closed mason jars can be stored for at least two months, longer if refrigerated.
Canola oil is ideal for most baked goods, but this same method works perfectly well for infusing virgin olive oil with marijuana. Any recipe calling for olive oil will work fine. My favorite is dipping french bread in marijuana infused olive oil with a little balsamic vinegar and garlic. Refrigerated olive oil will solidify and turn cloudy but becomes clear and liquid again at room temperature.