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using radio free exile and radio free exile televised, I bring you the perspective of a self-imposed exile, whatever that brings to the table, if you know what I mean. someone has to chronicle the goings on in penfield, new york, and I've appointed myself. 
here's a link to radio free exile dot com, where you'll find everything you'll ever need to know.  everything.
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Today I added about 250 first day covers to my stock, these are commemorative stamps with envelopes going back to the 30's, postmarked the first day of issue, pretty cool stuff; also, for some reason I've acquired a ton of transit tokens from around the the country, starting in the early 1900's up to the 70's, a little bit of history there for sure...
So, if by some odd twist of fate, you find yourself in the Finger Lake Region of New York State, stop by and buy my stuff.