here you'll find everything you'll ever need to know about penfield, new york, its people and habits, and all of that kind of stuff with plenty of left wing kind of thought, a brilliant podcast from radio free exile, amazing videos from radio free exile televised, interspersed with great stuff to buy, from indie music to crazy bumper stickers...
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using radio free exile and radio free exile televised, I bring you the perspective of a self-imposed exile, whatever that brings to the table, if you know what I mean. someone has to chronicle the goings on in penfield, new york, and I've appointed myself. 
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Well, hi kids, it's been a while since I've taken a bit of a break from the daily obsessive posting and uploading and all of the assorted and related things that come with being a two dimensional cartoon character whose always adding content to the www, but now I've returned with some rest, a little energy, and a new web site, which I'm reasonably proud of, and I'd like you to take a look at it of course, I mean, what's the point if nobody sees it, so take a look at the video and be sure to follow the link below...