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exileguy's youtube channel - everything you need to know about penfield, ny... everything.  Tony Gambino, Amber Aylurt, Robbie the homeless guy, and many more...

radio free exile podcast - something for your head, on the www 24/7, featuring the best cutting edge indie music, spoken-word, commentary, and odd sounds,  very 1st amendment, very 420 friendly, and very left of center - everyone is invited to participate by submitting your original material
radio free exile page @ facebook - updated radio free exile news, other cool shit, and you can listen too.
radio free exile televised - something in your face - on the www 24/7 streaming video program featuring great music and animation videos, comedy, leftist politics, and very 420 friendly, submissions are welcome
radio free exile televised page @ facebook - updated radio free exile televised news, other cool shit, and you can watch as well.

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