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Westboro Baptist Claims God Shot Down MH17 to Kill AIDS Researchers

Guess pro-Russian militants and possibly Putin are off the hook! According to Westboro Baptist Church, God did it!

If there’s one emotion that does not describe America, other nations, or anyone else’s reaction to the Malaysian plane crash, it’s “thankful.” However, the cretinous bigots at Westboro Baptist are not exactly full of compassion. The religious group that produced the hit anti-gay single, “You Love Sin What a Tragedy,” is now attacking the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

The plane, which was originally thought to be carrying “up to 100″ AIDS researchers, but was carrying only six (lessening the tragic consequences for the fight against AIDS), was shot down by a surface-to-air missile from a Buk launcher. Pro-Russian militants initially claimed responsibility but removed their jubilant celebrations from social media upon realizing that they had downed a civilian flight before embarking on a mission to keep investigators far away from the crash site.

The church posted a celebratory tweet relating to the crash.

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