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Mississippi Republicans Say They Would Back a New Confederate Country

 by: Dan Arel

This is a divided America. Often writers and journalists have referred to America as being two countries merged into one, and the sentiment may not be as far off as we think.

Much of the South still refers to the Civil War as the “War of Northern Aggression” and many parts of the South have monuments to fallen heroes of the war, and some parts still fly the Confederate Flag.

Talking Points Memo reports a recent poll conducted in Mississippi in its recent primary run off elections asked voters who would they support if another Civil War broke out. The numbers are rather shocking.

Among Republicans, 37 percent said they would support the Confederate States of America while 41 percent said they would support the United States. Another 21 percent of Republicans said they weren’t sure while 9 percent of Democrats said they weren’t sure.

That’s right, 37% of republicans would support the Confederate States over holding The Union together.  37% may seem low at first, that is still less than half and is not a majority, but this is also just one sample size in a collection of states that outspokenly hate the direction the country is headed.

What is so alarming however is these are the voters who tend to be most “patriotic” and are seemingly ready to fight to the death for their constitutional rights, but given the chance, they would give the US the middle finger and form their own nation.