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Blue Florida? Nearly a Million Enroll in Obamacare Plans!

by: Bob Cull

Remember that train wreck that is Obamacare?  Apparently nearly 1 million Floridians didn’t get the memo and made that last minute dash in March to get signed up for coverage — under a law that the GOP insists is so seriously flawed that there is no hope for salvaging it.

Despite the diversionary efforts by Governor Rick Scott, 983,775 Floridians enrolled for coverage under the law in March, which was more than double the number of sign-ups from the previous month.  The state was second only to California in enrollments for March.

Even worse for the Governor, 31% of those enrolling are under 35 — a key demographic for the success of the plan. Adding to Scott’s woes, he recently went out to senior centers claiming that Obamacare was raiding Medicare, but he found that those tactics were not working either, since most the people he talked to were happy with their new plans.

The 123% surge in March enrollment numbers has been attributed to a concerted effort by health care activists in the state to get the word out, and to assist those who needed it to obtain insurance in a state where last year 20% of its residents were uninsured.  Although facing stiff opposition from the governor and a Republican-led legislature, the people of Florida showed that they were indeed interested in having affordable health care coverage.

“Florida was amazing,” John Foley, who spearheaded the campaign by the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County said.  “The fact that we would come in as an absolute number 2 behind California? Pretty amazing. Clearly there were a lot of uninsured in Florida who were very, very happy with this.”